1999 National Contact Point at Euresearch
In 1999, Dr. Andrea Degen assumes the position as National Contact Point at Euresearch in Berne. During five years she advises universities and companies with respect to the acquisition of funding, particularly in terms of Europe's largest funding institution of R&D, at that time the European 6th Framework Programme (FP6). As a result of this commitment and her growing competence, she is asked by universities and companies who need more than just informal support, to write project proposals to the EU framework program and to participate as a consortium partner in the implementation.

2003 Proposal Writing
In 2003, Dr. Andrea Degen commits herself to write the FP6 project proposal with the name "SLIC-Biosensors in Molecular Diagnostics: Nanotechnology for the Analysis of Microbial Species Specific Transcripts." In 2004, this proposal is approved by the European Commission and in 2005 the implementation begins. The requests from universities and research companies to write project proposals increase, as well as the offers to participate as consortium partner. There is a lack of practical assistance for funding and implementing of research projects. As a result, Dr. Degen founds her own company in 2005. The success of the "EUrelations AG” (formerly R & D Management) is its best reference: more than 50% of the submitted project proposals are approved!

2007 Training Acquisition of Funding  
Due to increasing requests for advice on the acquisition of funding and to the desire of researchers for know-how transfer, the first trainings of EUrelations AG take place in 2007. Through first-hand experiences, substantiated knowledge and practical guidance are imparted to the participants. The reactions are so positive that EUrelations AG is recommended and asked by many universities in the country for training. In addition, EUrelations now also offers project management, organisation management and training for strategic planning of the academic career. All trainers are competent experts in their field (see training / speakers).

2009 International Funding Forum
It is not easy to have an overview of the landscape of research funding in Europe and even less to know its capabilities and conditions. With the International Funding Forum, EUrelations AG provides this important information to the research community at one place and at one go. The first International Funding Forum in Zurich was a huge success. Get an idea of this event and watch short movie.



„I much appreciated the help by EUrelations. The organisation was very well, the interactions with the network members direct and intense and EUrelations managed well to also make resond slow responders that always exist in a consortium. The input how to improve the project was extremely valuable and many of the sections were actually written by EUrelations staff with very little input from the scientists. On the other hand valuable input on content, format and style was given as to the scientific parts of the proposal.“

Prof. Burkhard Bechinger, Professor, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg, UNIVERSITÉ DE STRASBOURG