Variation5A team of trainers, psychologists and coaches have joined forces to create a network in Zürich, “The Transition Weavers“, which will enable students and scientists to make smoother, less stressful transitions from academia to industry, as well as career transitions within both academia and industry. The Transition Weavers Network offers a broad palette of services ranging from one-on-one coaching to specialized training courses.

Students, doctoral students, and research scientists need specific skills and know-how in order to either make it to the next level in their academic careers or to make the transition to a career outside academia. They need to: develop awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, their values, needs and preferences, learn how to market both themselves and their research, write C.V.s for specific types of jobs, balance their work and private lives, learn how to build a professional network, manage stressful situations and heavy workloads, apply for jobs, write research papers, develop a poised, and professional self-presentation style, hold presentations at conferences, write grants and learn to design and to manage research projects.

Many of the skills needed in order to do all of these tasks are not really taught at universities, and scientists usually have to learn them the hard way: by trial and error and by making mistakes which can sometimes have costly career and personal consequences.

The Transition Weavers Network now provides a far smoother, easier alternative to this “school of hard knocks“ .It is a unique network comprised of trainers, coaches and psychologists with a vast amount of experience in both academia and industry, which offers a broad array of services categorized as a series of themes including for instance: planning and implementation; envisioning and cooperating, communication, self-presentation, self-marketing, writing, life and work balance and stress management. Focusing on the needs of universities and polytechnics, the Transition Weavers provide workshops lasting from one to three or more days, one-to-one career and life coaching as well as customized training and coaching services.