Take part in the 4th European Innovation Summit in Brussels and influence the future of Europe in discussions and debates with members of the European Parliament and the European Commission. In the next few months significant decisions will be taken concerning the next Framework Programme for Research and Development. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Innovation is the driving force of economic development. It generates long-term sustainable economic growth, tackles societal challenges and further improves our standard of living. However, according to studies of the EC, the level of innovation is slowing down.

In order to tackle this problem, the European Commission put forward the Innovation Union. The new Framework program Horizon2020 should address major societal challenges, boost emerging technologies and support the excellence of science. Furthermore, the rules for participation and the complexity of administrative procedures should be simplified.

The current legislative proposals are of critical importance for the future of innovation in Europe and have now entered a mature phase with the European Parliament preparing its position and negotiation with the Council. The legislator will vote on these documents by the end of the year. This is of main importance for you as a stakeholder: you now need to lobby.

The 4th European Innovation Summit, taking place on 9-10 October 2012 in Brussels, will provide an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss and debate with Members of the European Parliament and Commission. Place your requests and get the latest information about Horizon2020.

Of course, EUrelations AG will also participate in the conference and actively seek the dialogue with the officials, so that we can support you as well from 2014 on with your research proposals and projects in an efficient and competent way.