A Swiss partner for a European collaboration!

army-2185 640Your ITN is running smoothly, your fellows are happy with the scientific trainings organized and your research results are developing according to the initial plan? But you are missing one crucial objective of your ITN: the Complementary Skills Trainings!



The European Commission is putting special emphasis on trainings based on complementary skills. Your research fellows not only need to be prepared for their future career in terms of scientific knowledge but should also be trained with skills and knowledge needed by society, equipping them for the world of work (see also Wall, G. P. and Speake, J. (2012) ‘European Geography Higher Education and the Skills Agenda’. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 36(3):421-435.) You should offer them a Complementary Skills Trainings!

What are complementary skills?
Basically under complementary skills you can understand skills that are useful to succeed in a career. Skills such as communication, leadership and management but also competences in networking and self-promotion are an example. Mastering these skills will give your fellows a competitive edge while pursuing a profession.

How to organise these trainings?
Of course, you can provide trainings by your own. But it is in the nature of the things that your core competences are of scientific character. Also you might not have enough time and/or capacities to organise an intensive training course with different topics and techniques, take care of venues, hotels, social events, etc. Let us do the work for you! We have many years of experience in implementing trainings and providing high-quality workshops to young researchers. We have a wide range of different topics, know a lot about team-building measures and can organise your training from A to Z.

Why EUrelations AG?
The perception of Switzerland is globally more or less the same: punctual, well-organized, correct, disciplined and hard-working. All of these attributes may sound a little bit boring. But we are the perfect partner when you like to have a task done according to your idea but without being busy with it. And this is exactly what we are offering: well-organized and tailor-made training packages for your students and/or collaborators!

We would be happy to present you our training packages, feel free to contact us!