You wish to submit a proposal, but you are not well experienced in the submission procedure?

EUrelations AG supports you in writing your proposal, coordinates your partners and calculates your project budget.

You have drafted a project idea and found a suitable call. Now the proposal has to be written and submitted. This requires extensive experience and a lot of effort. EUrelations offers the following services:

  • Partner search

Even if you already have the most important partners in your personal network and formed the core team for your proposal, maybe a partner with specific skills is still missing. We will search in and around our network for the „missing piece“ in your consortium.

  • Coordination of the partners

It is an organisational challenge to communicate with partners from different countries, cultures and time zones. We can coordinate your consortium and assure that each partner is informed and will contribute to the proposal.

  • Meeting organisation

To meet your partners once before the submission of your project is of great importance for your proposal. We can organise and moderate the meetings so you can draft a first version of your proposal and become more familiar with your partners.

  • Administrative Part

The administrative tasks on EU-projects are notorious. Many years of experience help us to find our way through the numerous systems and forms. We register your organisation in the online systems, revise the forms and submit your proposal.

  • Scientific Part

The centrepiece of your proposal is the longest to implement. We support you in writing the chapters „Science & Technology“ and „Impact“, take over the chapters “Implementation” and “Gender Aspects” and format your document including all tables, graphs and charts.

  • Financial Part

An accurately calculated budget is one of the most important things in your project. We assist you in choosing the right cost model, collect financial information from your partners and calculate the budget according to the rules of the funding initiative.

  • Final check

The formal requirements for the submission of a proposal are rigorous. We check your document on the basis of the guidelines. We do not only pay attention to the formalities but also to the fact that the proposal strikes the right notes speaking the language of the evaluators.