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entary training programmes for Graduates, PostDocs and Proffesors. Advanced training programmes or research intensive universities comprise what we offer in Module A (Advanced)

  • Couse 4: Dissemination of research results
  • Course 5: Intellectual property rights and contracts for research & innovation
  • Course 6: Improve presentation skills using virtual reality
  • Course 7: Toolbox for a successful scientific career
  • Course 8: Leader-/Entrepreneurship for researchers
  • Course 9: Scientific writing
  • Course 10: Networking and social media for researchers
  • Course 11: Creativity training for researchers
  • Course 12: Working in intercultural environments

Module A can be composed of any courses mentioned above according to the clients needs.

Target Group: Scientists and Research Managers


Testemonials of Researchers

"It was the first time I've heard about basics of legal aspects, intellectual property rights and contracts in research. Manay problems we have now could have been avoided if we were trained as young scientist. Great knowledge! A must for scientists!"


"I am an excellent research but a bad presenter. The course made me gain self-confidence and helped me to become a more authentic speaker. It was so much fun to present in front of hundreds of avatars with the virtual reality goggle. You must experience this yourself. It helps and you'll never forget the applause of the spectators!"


"the dissemination of research results beyond scientific journals is full of opportunities. Thanks to the course I will investigate in my hobby and do a film about my scientific work. But there are many more ideas and real world examples from which we learned in the course."