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Discover the battle-tested method for successful proposal writing! For 20 years, we have been advising and teaching researchers, research organizations and companies how to more strategically align and increase their funding acquisition for science & innovation.  

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Public or private funding sources, national or international, for basic or applied research; there's something in it for every phase of the innovation cycle.

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Research and innovation management means supporting and advising researchers and research networks in their daily activities and helping to shape processes, thus enabling research at the highest level. 

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EUrelations AG is the first Research and Innovation Management Agency (RIMA) founded in Switzerland in 2005. We design and manage complex national and international collaboration projects, support the acquisition of funding and the know-how transfer in between scientific disciplines and industrial sectors. EUrelations AG develops methodes and more systematic approaches for boosting Science and Innovation (S&I). 


Our RIMA is a Co-Founder and partner in the largest global innovation network ENRICH Global to provide an all-round innovation support. This covers the whole value chain, from ideation to industrialisation, from intellectual property advice to agile project management, public and private funding and new market access, from settling a strategy to its operationalisation, legal document drafting to operational support.

EUrelations AG shares knowledge to develops the skills of ambitious researchers and entrepreneurs.  

Our clients are: ​

  • Universities 

  • Technical colleges  

  • Spin-off and Start-up companies 

  • Research networks

  • Professional associations 

  • Individual researchers

  • Government agencies

  • Female empowerment groups

Clients purchase trainings and book our speakers for conferences on fundraising, international cooperation, project design, leadership (agile) project management.

Clients also request individual career coachings and moderation to solve problems in teams.


In addition, EUrelations AG designs project and business plans and coordinates and administers research consortia in all scientific domains, from numerous funding source, all over the world.  

Through its networks EUrelations AG linkes excellent university research to the private industry.



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