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EUrelations AG is a Research and Innovation Management Agency

(RIMA) specialised in the acquisition and know-how transfer of

non-dilutive funding and the management of research projects.

EUrelations AG offers trainings and bootcamps to develops skills of PhD students to match and find jobs in the private industry.  

EUrelations AG has 20 years of methodological knowledge in the acquisition of funding for research and innovation (R&I). Our clients are: ​

  • Universities 

  • Technical colleges  

  • Start-up companies 

  • Research networks

  • Professional associations 

  • Individual researchers

  • Government agencies

Clients purchase trainings and book our speakers for conferences on fundraising, international cooperation, project design, leadership (agile) project management.

Clients also request individual and group coaching.


In addition, EUrelations AG designs project and business plans and coordinates and administers research consortia in all scientific domains, from numerous funding source, all over the world.  

Through its networks EUrelations AG linkes excellent university research to the private industry.


Science & Innovation needs Funding!


SERVICES to the International society.


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