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Passionate about designing projects and inspiring the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs! 

EUrelations AG forms a network of

  • Innovation managers 

  • (Academic) Research managers

  • Business developers

  • Trainers

  • Proposal writers

  • Scientific writers

  • Project administrators

  • Web content managers

  • Dissemination & marketing planners

  • Event managers

Many years of experience in different research projects have enabled us to become excellent generalist in many fields along side the innovation chain. Could be an event management or in the conception of projects or strategies; we always compose the best teams and turn your project effectively into reality.


We are a support to scientists and scientific groups to better fundraise, manage their projects , and concentrate on doing high quality research.

We are at the service of the research community to cope with the world outside of academia, the wider public and the industry.

We provide education beyond the academic world and what complementary skills are needed on the free market.  


...a powerful the next generation of scientists ready to take the lead. academic enterprise 

independent from economic interests. evolving peaceful and wealthy civil society.


We consider ourselves privileged to coach and teach researchers, work with many competent partners. We contribute with our motivational talent  to the personal and professional development of the individual researcher and the academic enterprise. We respect the personality, history and values of each researcher. We adhere to the ethical values that have evolved historically and culturally. Respect the ethnic origin, religious affiliation (or non-affiliation) and social status of our clients. We work confidentially and maintain the exchange with our trainees in the sense of professional secrecy. 

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