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Horizon 2020


On 1 January 2014, the European Commission launched its new Research Framework Programme. Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation - will invest research funds in European top science until 2020 and will be the most important cross-border research and innovation programme in the world.

In contrast to FP7, the previous Framework Programme, the EC has set itself the goal with Horizon:

to combine all European research and innovation funding into a single set of rules and
to focus on addressing social issues and facilitating the participation of all companies, universities and other institutions within and outside Europe

Horizon 2020 is based on three pillars: Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges. Learn more about the individual topics below.



Excellent Science - scientific excellence

The promotion of top-level research is the highest credo. The best ideas, the most ambitious young scientists and access to the best research infrastructures should be promoted.

The European Research Council promotes excellent frontier research for individual researchers or research groups

The Marie Sklodowska Actions support scientific career development

The "Future and Emerging Technologies" programme enables interdisciplinary projects to open up new areas of research and innovation

And the "Research Infrastructures" guarantee access to outstanding research facilities



















Industrial Leadership - Leading role of industry

Helping SMEs and industry to innovate is the aim of the second pillar. The mastery and successful use of key technologies is a decisive factor in strengthening Europe's productivity and innovative capacity.

The "Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies" programme supports researchers in the fields of materials science, manufacturing, information, biotechnology, nano and space technology.

The "Acces to risk finance" programme facilitates access to loans, guarantees and equity financing for investment in risky research and innovation projects.

"Innovation in SME" offers tailor-made support for innovative SMEs.












Societal Challenges - Social challenges

Research and innovation projects aimed at addressing societal challenges are funded under the third pillar. Groundbreaking solutions are to be developed, tested and produced through interdisciplinary cooperation, including the humanities and social sciences.

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