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Success through excellent logistics

The VNL as a pioneer for your logistics development

Since its foundation in 2008, VNL Switzerland has been committed to the continuous further development of logistics. It brings business and research together in order to break down traditional and functional perspectives on logistics and to find new ways to increase productivity and performance through logistics innovations.

Perfectly coordinated processes between production companies, retailers and logistics service providers as well as an optimally equipped and used infrastructure are decisive success factors for your competitiveness.


As VNL, we address the problems and use findings from research and technology as innovation drivers.
You decide how you profit from this, what concrete benefits you derive from it and how you optimise your logistics in the shortest possible time: through your active cooperation and through an intensive exchange of experience and knowledge with and within the VNL.


The VNL is one of the eleven recognised National Thematic Networks (NTN). The NTNs stand for topics that are relevant for the Swiss economy and show a high innovation potential.


They receive support from the VNL as a national thematic network where private sector initiatives can be supported by government measures: in their innovation activities.


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