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Fundraising & Proposal Writing

Target Group: 

Researchers of all scientific disciplines all over Europe who want to find funding opportunities, or mentor others through the process

Key points: 

Module I ONLINE course with a course certificate

Experienced trainer (Dr. Andrea Degen). She is a trainer in this domain at diverse renowned university graduate schools

3 - 4 hours of learning

2 x 8 hours of lessons (2 days)

English language (slides), optional German or French spoken

Optional: 1 h proposal pre-screening per paying participant 

Content of the course: 

The funding landscape and the benefits of searching for and prioritising the best-fitting funding opportunities

How to analyse your funding requirements while considering your personal and professional circumstances

Strategies to find and keep track of suitable funding opportunities

How best to shortlist  different funding opportunities

Strategies to prioritise and select those opportunities that best fit your needs


380 CHF per participant (max. 10 participants


Research needs funding from third parties, mainly public funding providers. And doctoral candidates are supposed to write research proposals to acquire funding for their research ideas and their team. But to successfully obtain these third-party funds it is essential to have an all-around convincing project proposal, which exposes the own research idea in a keen manner. 

In this training, participants will get a brief overview on the most important national and European, funding programmes. They will get to know the different funding opportunities as well as specific requirements. In a second step, the participants will learn to understand and start to write specific parts of a research proposal: the research plan, the impact chapter, the implementation, the career plan, the budget, the ethics, the gender aspects and other parts requested by the funding agencies the participants intend to address.

They will furthermore discuss communication issues and how our messages are transported effectively to evaluation committees. To distinguish proposal writing from scientific (paper) writing is of key importance and therefore, elements in common and differences will be elaborated. Finally, participants get introduced in research contracts and the basics about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related to fundraising and research collaborations.  

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Training date selection

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" Just Horizon 2020 is not enough! I learned about the strategy behind national, international and global funding. I learned about industry cooperation and private funds. The much deeper understanding is highly motivating. I will diversify my funding protfolio and will also look into US and funding from China."

"I would like to mention that EUrelations trainers have amazing people skills. They came across as very likeable, approachable and I felt that this wasn't just a job to them but that they truly cared about us as individuals. Such people are absolutely golden. They encouraged each and every one of us and told us over and over again to go go go for it and never ever give up. Personally, it was exactly the kind of encouragement I needed to overcome my self-doubt and fears of failure and to dare and pursue what I like doing: Science."

"We learned step-by-step how to submit a proposal, how to attract the attention of the evaluators. I feel more confident to communicate my scientific work and will submit several fellowship application in the next months. These courses are different from what I experienced before at my university. A real game changer!"

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