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Project Design


Grant Proposal Writing

Well-designed research projects stand at the basis of successful grant proposals. They help researchers to optimally use limited time and resources, and bring a structured approach to scientific practice. As such, good project design represents an essential skill for researchers.

This workshop provides the knowledge and practical tools to set up a research project. It introduces basic project management knowledge as a structured approach with a creative touch. By combining the iterative processes of project management and design thinking, this workshop brings innovation, creativity, and mindfulness into research plans.


Being aware of the conditions under which a project is executed will improve the outcome of grant applications and the execution of research plans. Participants will therefore benefit from increased productivity, both for themselves as well as other members of their research group.

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" Just Horizon 2020 is not enough! I learned about the strategy behind national, international and global funding. I learned about industry cooperation and private funds. The much deeper understanding is highly motivating. I will diversify my funding protfolio and will also look into US and funding from China."

"I would like to mention that EUrelations trainers have amazing people skills. They came across as very likeable, approachable and I felt that this wasn't just a job to them but that they truly cared about us as individuals. Such people are absolutely golden. They encouraged each and every one of us and told us over and over again to go go go for it and never ever give up. Personally, it was exactly the kind of encouragement I needed to overcome my self-doubt and fears of failure and to dare and pursue what I like doing: Science."

"We learned step-by-step how to submit a proposal, how to attract the attention of the evaluators. I feel more confident to communicate my scientific work and will submit several fellowship application in the next months. These courses are different from what I experienced before at my university. A real game changer!"

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