2020! A new decade and new perspectives

We have already arrived in the new decade and are curious to see what will happen in our field of research management in the near and distant future. First in January 2020, China will celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Rat. We are also very happy to work with Chinese innovations and wish all cooperation partners good luck in the Year of the Rat! Above all, a deepening of business relations and also projects that are profitable and meaningful to all sides as added value for mankind.

In June 75 years ago the signing of the Charter of the United Nations took place. Supranational cooperation is becoming increasingly important in a networked world and framework conditions must be set. This is why we will pay more attention to the UN and our contribution to supranational cooperation in 2020. We have a very positive attitude towards invitations to UN projects.

In August, the commemorative events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki will take place in memory of the nuclear bombing 75 years ago. Science, technology and funding for research and development unfortunately also played a fatal role in this and we must learn from this history. To further develop scientific diplomacy in the context of a peaceful world in order to prevent or mitigate such incidents in the future, if possible, we will also contribute to this by raising awareness and training researchers.

In October, we are organising the 3rd Forum on Funding for Research and Innovation in Budapest. On 6 October 2020 we will provide information about where to find funding. On 7 October 2020 we plan to hold a day of training on proposal writing and successful project management.

Of course, we will continue to enter new research projects in 2020 and coach and train researchers and schools in the acquisition of funding for projects and scholarships. We work with our customers to improve rejected research projects until they are eligible for funding. The individual researchers and the research groups we work with always have a good mix of national, international, private and public funding. The usefulness and applicability of the research is constantly being examined in our projects from 2020 onwards and quickly leads to exciting results. In 2020, we will place additional emphasis on funding from applied innovation programmes and train more young researchers in entrepreneurship.

Funding from European Framework Programmes will always form an important part of the portfolio. In 2020 the EU's 8th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation will end and the 9th Framework Programme called HorizonEurope will be developed in detail. This development process will accompany us this year, where we will observe and report, as well as actively participate in the process. In particular, the structure of research cooperation with non-European countries, organised by HorizonEurope, is of great interest to us. Horizon will then start on 1.1.2021.

In the light of these upcoming events and the 14 years of history and activities of our research management agency to date, we wish all our customers and partners a successful 2020!