EUrelations: Whats up in our enterprise?

Updated: Feb 9

The year 2021 is already in full swing. From EUrelation's point of view, we are still somewhat "digesting" the past. The Corona crisis on the one hand, change in our team composition on the other, re-orienting our company on a third hand. Good to have still many helping hands!

We are entering our 16th year in our company's existence. International Research and Innovation Management is undergoing massive changes as a result of the Corona crisis. We have worked through the scenarios for us and will report more on this. Just this much in advance. The show will go on, as it always went on! Already on Monday, January 11, a first press release was due, informing how we will continue to work internationally with our newly established, maybe better than ever before. The re-orientation of our company is closely linked to this announcement and another partnership to accelerate European clinical trials in Asia , which we will communicated on this news page in February 2021.

How about our team?

2020 was a tough year, as said. After the economic crisis in 2008/09, the third toughest year so far. Obviously time of change, whether we like it or not.

Dr. Jessie Zheng Zhang was a long-time employee with focus on our activities in China. She gave birth to her second child in the fall of 2020. We are very, very happy with her. She worked very exemplary until the end of the pregnancy, but now wants to take care of private happiness. It's a great privilege when you can do that. Eurelations has traditionally always promoted the compatibility of career and family. Even with financial sacrifices. So we also understand when private life becomes more important or private changes come along with professional ones. Also to you Jessie, only the best on your further way!

Alexanda Spaelti worked with us from 2016 until last fall. During this time, she had earned her bachelor's and master's degrees at the ZHAW School of Management. She has started a new job at pwc and is happy, as she wrote. We are very pleased about that. Many capable individuals, as Alexandra undoubtedly is, had their career start with us. We are very proud of our Juniors and are amazed at where and how they contribute everywhere. Good luck, Alexanda! May you come across people who recognize your potential and encourage you.

Shamla Ahamed has worked at and since 2015. Now 100% at Credit Suisse. She also completed her sudies at ZHAW while working. The excellent theses of our employees at the universities also always fill us with pride and respect. They are always written in a very authentic and intrinsically motivated way. When we do so, we encourage them to live their own dreams and life plans. The gently cheerful nature of Shamla is missing. We hope that she will also be duly encouraged by the new employer.

This is how our team is reforming by now. We can reveal: For the first time, men in out team are in the majority! But otherwise we don't reveal much, because we have to protect ourselves, The market in research management after the pioneer years is getting tougher and tougher. We are bracing ourselves and communicating more selectively, even in response to direct inquiries. However, as a well-rehearsed team of managing partners, we at EUrelations are quite well positioned for the future.

Beat Andreas Scheurer and the author, Dr. MD Andrea Degen, have already won the "Seal of Excellence" of the EIC (European Innovation Council) twice. That was a good start. About Beat: His first graduation was in electrical engineering. He has an eMBA and has worked in high level management positions of well-known small and mid-sized IT companies like Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu Siemens, Bechtle AG, and others. Eurelations and our customers can be glad to have him. Digital transformation, change management and business development skills are his specialty. He helps clients (universities and SMEs) to work out their focus, strategy and then funding acquisition. At Eurelations internally, there is only one mission for him: turn his extraordinary skills into gold for the clients, for the company, for himself and his beloved family itself. Actively involved in the ENRICH China Horizon2020 project, he has passed his baptism of fire.

I myself, Andrea Degen, kicked off this innovation management agency 15 years ago and will now - due to Katrin's dropout - fully rejoin EUrelations. I have lost none of my innovative power and am happy to inspire with my talents our clients, to constantly improve and come up with ideas and projects beyond the state-of-art.

That's it from us for now!

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for working with us!

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