New research programme launched between SNSF and SDC

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation is launching a new programme for development research with a long-standing partner, the Swiss National Science Foundation. The programme supports scientific research of excellence in the search for practical solutions to global problems. The programme contributes directly to achieving the goals of the foreign policy strategy and the international cooperation strategy.

Food security, health, ecosystems, employment, social conflict: the r4d programme has successfully implemented over 50 projects in 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, including the Cocoboards project.

Other examples include the development of organic fertilisers in North Africa, the use of mobile technologies in health care in Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa, the generation of thermal energy in Mongolia and the development of employment opportunities in Burkina Faso and Togo. The programme, which ends in 2023, successfully relied on transnational partnerships and the development of new knowledge.

Based on the success of r4d, the SDC and the SNSF will jointly launch the new SOR4D (solution-oriented research for development) programme at the beginning of 2022. The aim of the programme remains to support projects in developing countries and to contribute to sustainable development that benefits the poorest. But the new programme goes even further. The SDC and the SNSF want to make research for development even more powerful, sustainable and practical.

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