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Spend your Coffeebreak with us in Bangkok and learn about clinical trials

We invite you, innovation managers linked to the BioTech industry, to join us for a coffee break on Zoom and get a deeper insight into clinical trials. You and your biotech clients will benefit, for sure!

Clinical research in Europe does not enjoy a good reputation in recent times. Human experiments, more focus on harm than benefit, rigorous requirements and horrendous time delays and costs due to “red tape”, meaning excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules and formalities. This is quite different in Asia, where people are very grateful to have access to modern medicine, to be part of progress and to benefit from new treatments.

You bring your fancy coffee cup, lean back in a comfortable chair. Meanwhile we show you a clinical trial unit of a university hospital in Bangkok, run by the CRO (Contract Research Organization) www.aclires.com. You will quickly learn about the processes and requirements for clinical trials, including how Covid-19 vaccines were developed so quickly, and even meet a subject, a real hero, who volunteers to test a drug that is being used on humans for the first time.

Please recommend this coffee break to other research managers keen to learn about hands on innovation management in BioTech. See you there !

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