The straight forward Strategy to fight Corona

Updated: 7 days ago

3xT, "TRACK(&TRACE), TEST! and TREAT" is the slogan in the successful fight against the corona pandemic. Certain Asian countries are taking the lead and delivering the successful model with massively fewer people falling ill. Yes, the economic damage is great. However, it is far smaller than in Europe and the USA, where the #Corona crisis is also overwhelmingly a crisis of democracy and the neo-liberal state order.

In terms of implementation, this means:

1. the #tracing app must be mandatory.

2. multiple testing procedures must be made available, and the population must be guided to use and interpret the tests.

3. vaccination and other therapies must be developed locally (alongside globally #Biontech, #Moderna) and tested regularly according to existing safety standards.

Better cards in the fight against covid have also countries/regions that allow diversity (in the biological*, but also) in the societal sense. This is because innovation has and must have many faces and always comes along - 100% - unconventionally! As an interesting and good example of how Covid successfully managed is #Thailand to mention. Note. It none other than the military government that successfully steers the country through the crisis. In addition, here below (link): a locally - not globally - developed COVID VACCINATION ON PLANT BASIS developed by a Thai women start-up. The vaccination should be available to all Thais in 2022:

And now what about the masks? Masks, are not part of this successful concept. Why? Masks and hygiene measures (no handshake and no 3x kissing off) are simply a matter of course. This is worn correctly and not on the neck. Simply because you share responsibility for your fellow man and more importantly, for the people in your own family that you love.

We hope this brief, step-by-step guide helps with the current confusion. It is evidence-based and feel free to share.

For our part, I‘ll be working in research and innovation management for EUrelations from Thailand for a few months soon. I desperately need some time off and can move more freely there. Home office and digitalization make it possible. Who would have thought that the dream of having an subsidiary in Asia would one day become possible? So Corona also has its good! 😉

*We'll elaborate on the biodiversity in relation to the disease, but also the therapy protocol, later.


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