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Proposal Writing

Are you planning to submit a grant proposal? Do you want to make sure it matches all the criteria and includes crucial information? Then, you should use our proposal review service!

Our Proposal writers know the requirements of all the big funding providers in Switzerland and Europe (EU commission, SNF, SBFI, InnoSuisse…). Their critical feedback, tips and hints will lift your proposal to a higher level and increase your chance to receive funding.

Benefit from their experience and inquire about out proposal review service now!


" Just Horizon 2020 is not enough! I learned about the strategy behind national, international and global funding. I learned about industry cooperation and private funds. The much deeper understanding is highly motivating. I will diversify my funding protfolio and will also look into US and funding from China."

"Very competent and motivating trainers. I know now how to organise my research and my team. These courses were a game changer. A boost to my academic career!"

"We learned step-by-step how to submit a proposal, how to attract the attention of the evaluators. I feel more confident to communicate my scientific work and will submit my fellowship application in the next months."

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