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SERVICES to the International research community

We do not consider success as a matter of luck. Especially commitment, experience and know-how have been important to reach our goals. In the area of research funding there is a lot to read - we do recommend that. But of particular value, however, are the unwritten rules that become clear only after years of cooperation and exchange. It is this invaluable experience that we utilise for our clients: from the idea to the project.


The knowledge and services of EUREL are an essential part of an ecosystem that accelerates the research and innovation process and continuously incorporate cutting edge knowledge by supporting the next generation of better organised scientists.

The acquisition of funding is of great importance early in the innovation cycle in academia, as well as in the advanced company stage for new product, process and service innovation.


The existing EUREL networks simplify internationalisation of university institutes and businesses, independently of national gatekeepers.

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