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EIC Accelerator

EUrelations has more than 15 years of experience in supporting companies and scientists to apply for funding from the European commission. The EIC Accelerator for innovative SMEs (also called SME instrument) is a funding instrument from the European Commission. Four times a year, the commission invites applicants from the EU and affiliated countries to apply for funding from the EIC Accelerater. Applicants can receive up to 2.5 Mio Euros. Applicants can apply as a single company (no consortium needed).

EUrelations supports swiss based companies with their proposal writing for the EIC Accelerator based on a retainer and a success fee. Before entering in a contractual relationship with our clients, we analyse the company and project. We are only able to take on selected, highly promising projects.

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We help innovative Start-Ups to find an investor, which suits all their needs and fits to their business model. Together with our partner company m27, we help you to develop your pitch deck and give you access to the investment platform GRECA. GRECA stands for Growth, Equity and Commercial Alliances. The target of GRECA is to digitalize the financing process. GRECA uses an AI algorithm to match investors with companies. Through this efficient, cost- and time-effective model and more than 25 years of experience in financial management, numerous companies and private investors search for their next investment case on GRECA.

Before engaging in a contractual relationship with our clients, we analyse the company data creating a Rating Assessment Classic Report. Only companies with a rating of B+ or higher are taken on as our clients and given access to GRECA. Currently, more than 800 investors from Switzerland and Europe are active on GRECA

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